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Start Your Career in the Semiconductor Industry

Semiconductors—otherwise known as microchips, microprocessors, or chips—are the brains behind some of the most innovative technology today and power so many of the things we use in our daily lives. Chips are in more than just computers—you’ll find them in phones, cars, medical devices, appliances, and much more. There’s a big demand for them—and for the talented people who help bring this critical technology to life.

Already familiar with the semiconductor industry? Keep scrolling to learn more about our plans for innovation and growth—and why your career should start with Intel.

If you already know you want to build your future with Intel, apply today:

Intel Building with Gordon Moore tribute

Intel’s Impact

Creating What’s Next

We're pushing the speed of semiconductor development to deliver world-changing technology. We broke ground on two new chip factories in Ohio and unveiled plans for an €80 billion decade-long investment in the European Union. Our plans include an initial €17.0 billion investment to build a fab mega-site in Germany; create a new R&D and design hub in France; and to invest in additional projects in Ireland, Italy, Poland, and Spain.

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Growth. Expansion. Stability.

IDM 2.0

With increased demand for semiconductors around the world, we’re evolving our production approach. We call it our Integrated Device Manufacturer Foundry Strategy (IDM 2.0). With billions of dollars in investments worldwide, Intel is opening new facilities and expanding our services, which means thousands of new jobs and a boost for local economies.

Global Manufacturing Site Map

Moore’s Law

Moore's Law is the observation that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit will double every two years with minimal rise in cost. Intel co-founder Gordon Moore predicted a doubling of transistors every year for the next 10 years in his original paper published in 1965.

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IDM 2.0

The next phase of our IDM 2.0 journey requires a fundamental shift in mindset. We are embracing an internal foundry model, not only for our external customer commitments but also for our Intel product lines.

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Available Jobs

We are on pace to reach our ambitious goals and want you to be a part of our incredible future.

Explore our opportunities:

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Intel placed in the top 10 on Fortune’s “2023 Best Workplaces for Manufacturing & Production” list.

Rewarding careers, work that makes a difference and career growth opportunities are just some of the things you’ll find at Intel.

Define the Future

Intel Makes it Possible

We’re an organization with a history of innovation and an innate sense of corporate stewardship. Whether we’re elevating accessibility, embracing ethical AI, powering 5G, or fueling autonomous driving, we’re always looking for new ways to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Innovative Backside Power Delivery with Power Via

Uncovering Early Cancer Detection

Students Protecting Crops with Technology

Driving Innovation Since 1968

Intel’s Semiconductor Legacy

Our technology has been at the heart of the semiconductor industry since its inception. But we’re not done yet. With the rise of AI, 5G transformation, and edge computing, we’ll continue to lead global progress for future generations.

Gordon Moore, co-founders of Intel

Moments in History

Explore the people, places, and products of Intel that have all contributed to our world-changing technology.

Intel timeline
Chip timeline

Experience the Intel Museum

Take a virtual tour of the Intel Museum and learn about Intel’s history, hear from the founders, and explore the science behind the industry.

Virtual museum
Virtual vault

Going from Sand to Silicon

A modern marvel and one of the world’s most complex feats — fabricating semiconductor chips starts with a single grain of sand.

Making a microchip

Tour an Intel Fab

Go inside one of Intel’s “Fabs,” or fabrication facilities, where chips are made. Get a behind-the-scenes look at clean rooms (which are 1,000x cleaner than hospital operating rooms) or take a virtual ride on the automated superhighway.

360 fab tour

Team of Technicians Working with Robotic Combat Tank Model

Discover Your Place in Our
World-Changing Work

Where Will Your Degree Take You?

At Intel, we hire all kinds of engineers. We also have a huge range of opportunities for careers in manufacturing, finance, marketing, business, and more. Look at all the possibilities in front of you.

4 Year degree opportunities
2 Year degree opportunities

Available Opportunities

  • NM Senior Die Prep Process Engineer Albuquerque, New Mexico Apply Now
  • Yield Analysis (YA) Engineer Kiryat Gat, Israel Apply Now
  • Foundry Yield Analysis Engineer Phoenix, Arizona Apply Now
  • FSM Global Yield Defect Reduction Senior Development Engineer Hsinchu, Taiwan Apply Now
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