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Turn data into insights.

Data Science and Analytics Teams

Solve real-world challenges, improve processes and use analysis to predict future trends—this interdisciplinary field brings together statistics, mathematics, computer science and more to help guide strategy by turning insights into business drivers. A Data Science and Analytics career can range from unlocking the power of data to incorporating various techniques including machine learning, predictive modelling and statistical analysis.

If you enjoy tackling complex problems and driving innovation through analytical and creative thinking, you’re at Intel.

Transforming into a Data Centric Company

Our work

What we make possible

We are embarking on a transformative journey, aiming to unleash the full potential of enterprise data to fortify and expand its use for business. Working in Data Science and Analytics, you’ll contribute to Intel’s ground-breaking advancements and discover opportunities to detect patterns, trends and relationships in data that play an integral role in defining our growth and strategy.

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Your difference

Solve complex and critical challenges

Tackle complex business problems, offer research-driven recommendations and navigate trade-offs. Here, your innovations will involve crafting compelling visual stories from data, making them a crucial element of our dynamic solutions. If you're passionate about delivering and maintaining world-class data and analytics capabilities then you’ll be a perfect fit in a team of bold, curious problem solvers.


    Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

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    The world-class benefits we provide are built into the way we work, so that people feel supported, rewarded, and energized every day. We’re proud that Glassdoor named Intel one of the "25 Highest Rated Companies for Vacation and Paid Time Off," but taking well-earned breaks is just the beginning of everything we have to offer.


    Our total compensation package ranks among the best in the industry — including bonuses, generous time off, paid sabbaticals, stock options and advantages like on-site fitness centers, private transportation and continuing learning opportunities.

    Remote Work

    We provide flexible programs and alternative working arrangements that support employees in managing their career and life. Our teams are creating world-changing technology with the greatest minds — wherever they are.

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