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Engineer the future.

Hardware Teams

At Intel, it's not just what you make, it's what you make possible. As our devices continue to grow in power and intricacy, so does our need for people who can solve complex challenges. If you’re using the latest technological advances to disrupt industries and address global issues, you’re at Intel.

Meet Sreerekha, Engineering Manager at Intel.

Our Work

What We Make Possible 

You’ll help create technologies that provide a seamless experience across multiple platforms, such as cloud, data center and PC. From developing and integrating best-in-class SoCs and the critical IPs that power our products across the tech industry, to opportunities in diverse fields such as state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and quantum computing, you’ll play a critical role as we engineer the future together.

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Your Difference

Solve Complex and Critical Challenges 

You’ll join a team that invents at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for every person on Earth. Harnessing the capabilities of the cloud, the ubiquity of the IoT, the latest advances in memory, the promise of always-on connectivity, and more—from silicon photonics to state-of-the-art wireless technology, you will contribute to breakthroughs that have global impact.


Hear From Our Employees

Meet Sanna, a Hardware Engineer

Sanna, Hardware Engineer

“Successful projects start with talented people. We have very experienced and talented employees on our Finland team, with long track records in electronics, mechanics, software, firmware, drivers, operating systems—you name it!”

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Nevine, Intel Senior Fellow, Xeon Chief Engineer

Nevine, Intel senior fellow, Xeon Chief Engineer

"You have to be open to trying things and failing. There's no magic—just ideas, and you keep at it."

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Tiju, Principal Engineer

Tiju, Principal Engineer

“I aspire to see technology that is affordable and creates an impact in people’s lives, like healthcare, education, agriculture, infrastructure, space—areas which can make a difference for humanity.”

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Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

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The world-class benefits we provide are built into the way we work, so that people feel supported, rewarded, and energized every day. We’re proud that Glassdoor named Intel one of the "25 Highest Rated Companies for Vacation and Paid Time Off," but taking well-earned breaks is just the beginning of everything we have to offer.


Our total compensation package ranks among the best in the industry — including bonuses, generous time off, paid sabbaticals, stock options and advantages like on-site fitness centers, private transportation and continuing learning opportunities.

Remote Work

We provide flexible programs and alternative working arrangements that support employees in managing their career and life. Our teams are creating world-changing technology with the greatest minds — wherever they are.

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