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Careers in Assembly and Test Facility

Manufacturing at Intel Poland

Intel has announced plans to build a new state-of-the-art semiconductor assembly and test facility in Wrocław West. Our Poland, Ireland, and Germany facilities will help create an end-to-end leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing value chain across Europe. They will also catalyze additional ecosystem investments and innovation in Poland and the European Union.

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Intel Plans Assembly and Test Facility in Poland

Planning for the Facility

As part of this $4.6 billion investment, Intel in Poland will create an estimated 2,000 new jobs for specialists with a wide range of skills and expertise. While we currently don’t have positions in Wroclaw, we are in detailed planning for our future hiring needs.

Greg Anderson, Site General Manager at Intel’s planned Assembly and Test Facility in Poland

It’s not just about the ‘wafers in and the finished products out’. It’s about all the other things we do around our investments at a local level, and that Intel does in every location where it is established – volunteering, community outreach, support of education, and making sure we put more back into the community than we are taking out.

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Magdalena Celmer, Talent Acquisition Director at Intel Poland

Intel’s new Assembly and Test Facility in Poland, the first of its kind in Europe, will create thousands of job opportunities for university graduates, experienced engineers and manufacturing talent: supervisors, technicians and many other professionals.

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Nadav Bar-Ner, Senior Director of Construction at Intel’s new Assembly and Test Facility in Poland

This project is one of the most important and strategic projects for Intel, as it will help meet critical demand for assembly and test capacity that Intel anticipates by 2027. This is an exciting opportunity to join this greenfield project and impact, influence and contribute to Intel’s future growth and success!

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Bartosz Ciepluch, VP, Poland R&D Groups’ General Manager

The Assembly and Test Facility in Poland opens the third chapter in Intel’s over 30 year-long presence in Poland. With ever growing trust in our potential, Intel places increasingly critical work in Poland, starting with sales, then R&D and now expanding to manufacturing.

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Michael Dżoga, Country Manager at Intel Poland

The Assembly and Test Facility in Poland will be the first of this type of plant in Europe. Together with the existing European fabs, it opens a new chapter for Intel’s presence in Europe and the semiconductor industry.

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Max Mieszko Dropinski, Technical Assistant to Intel Poland’s R&D Groups’ General Manager

Intel’s manufacturing investments in Europe – in Ireland, Germany and Poland – will significantly increase semiconductor supply chain resiliency and therefore they are essential to the regional economy, safety, and technical innovation.

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Future Careers at Assembly and Test Facility in Wroclaw

Our future opportunities will be for recent graduates and experienced professionals in the following roles:

• Construction and Facility Design Experts
• Test Engineers and Advanced Test Engineers
• Assembly Engineers
• Industrial Engineers
• Process and Equipment Engineers
• Quality and Reliability Engineers
• Manufacturing System Engineers
• Package Failure Analysis Engineers
• Product Development Engineers
• Lab Engineers
• Manufacturing Operations Managers
• Technicians
• Many other construction and business roles (HR, Finance, Supply Chain)

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Fast Facts

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Our Investments in the Manufacturing Ecosystem—IDM 2.0

With increased demand for semiconductors worldwide, we’re evolving our production approach. We call it our Integrated Device Manufacturer Foundry Strategy (IDM 2.0). With billions of dollars in investments worldwide, Intel is opening new facilities and expanding our services, meaning thousands of new jobs and a boost for local economies.

    Behind this Door: Take a Tour of Two Intel Assembly Test Technology Development Factories

    What Is Assembly and Test?

    Wafer fabrication facilities (“fabs”) create chips on silicon wafers through various advanced chemical, mechanical, and optical processes. Assembly and test facilities, such as the one planned near Wrocław, receive completed wafers from fabs, cut them into individual chips, assemble them into final products, and test them for performance and quality. The finished chips are then shipped to customers.

    Our R&D Center in Gdansk

    Intel has been operating in Poland since 1993. Intel’s first investment in Poland was opening a sales and marketing office in Warsaw. In 1999, Intel bought Olicom, marking the historic beginning of Intel’s research and development center in Gdańsk. Intel’s Gdańsk site is the largest R&D organization in Europe, focusing mainly on software—for instance, intended artificial intelligence accelerators, server platforms, graphics, and network cards. It is safe to say that the software created by engineers in Poland is used in Intel products available worldwide.

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    Benefits That Go Above and Beyond

    We believe the best way to inspire our people is to provide a variety of opportunities that reflect our company values and reward every employee’s contribution to the organization.

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