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Manufacturing Automation Overview

Revolutionary manufacturing — something Intel has long been known for. Operating 24/7 in plants around the world, Intel's manufacturing processes are precision tuned to perform with maximum efficiency and quality to produce fast, smart, and more energy-efficient technologies. The objective is to deliver the next Intel computing breakthrough with speed, efficiency, and economy. And then to do it again.

What You'll Do

In manufacturing automation you might develop automation applications and infrastructure, including software applications and software systems, or provide testing and configuration assistance.

Our manufacturing engineers research and develop Intel's next-generation automation systems. The focus is on flexible manufacturing, experiment management, user interfaces, and process control to enable high-volume factory ramps.

Our manufacturing or automation engineers are responsible for the full software lifecycle, from vision and requirements analysis to implementation, support, and continuous improvement. And, with Intel's senior positions, you'll combine engineering and manufacturing work with management responsibilities..

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What We Make Possible

The Connected Factory

Our manufacturing and process technology provides Intel with a competitive edge.

Innovation at Intel

Intel relentlessly innovates throughout all areas of the corporation including manufacturing, circuitry, silicon technology, and more.

What we make possible

What You'll Bring

Successful candidates for these positions typically have advanced degrees in computer science, information systems, computer engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, or other technical engineering fields with seven to ten years of working experience. A strong understanding of the hardware and software development lifecycle and superior computer troubleshooting skills are also important.



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