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Inside Intel you’ll find scientists, engineers, even a futurist. Whether you’re an experienced professional, or a junior engineer, we have positions in business and technical disciplines in multiple sites in Israel.

Take a closer look. Imagine a place where you can put all that hard work to use, at a job that satisfies your passion and curiosity.

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Artificial Intelligence at intel

Artificial Intelligence @ intel

Intel is committed to advance artificial intelligence for business and society by driving breakthrough performance, democratizing access, and guiding the responsible development of AI.

Join our teams of innovators to help push the boundaries of what’s possible and move into the future

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Mobileye- autonomous driving at Intel

Mobileye- autonomous driving @ Intel

Mobileye’s leading computer vision expertise with Intel’s high-performance computing and connectivity expertise to accelerate automated driving solutions from car to the cloud.

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Connectivity products at Intel

Connectivity products @ Intel

The Cloud is growing. As more and more devices continue to collect and process data, we will need to create innovative solutions to keep pace with this growth. Join our team to help solve these problems and create a true 5G network.

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IP & SoC Design & Architecture @ Intel

IP & SoC Design & Architecture @ Intel

Here, you'll be part of developing the better, faster computing platforms the world is waiting for. From innovative processor architectures to state-of-the-art wireless technology, you can have a hand in breakthroughs that have a global impact.

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Software & Security groups

Software & Security groups

Write code that gets used by millions of people around the world! Intel is one of the few software companies that touch the entire software ecosystem.

Learn about and search for careers in software at Intel, including open source development, architecture, performance optimization, and more.

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Opportunities for junior engineers

Opportunities for junior engineers

You worked hard and studied for years to earn your degree.. At Intel, you’ll discover endless opportunities for any field of study. We can help you make the most of your education.

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