Careers in Engineering Support

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Job Title Country City State Multiple Locations Job Type
JR0031835 - Software Engineer on Automotive Hypervisor CN Shanghai Shanghai Experienced Hire
JR0031354 - AMHS Technician CN Dalian Liaoning Experienced Hire
JR0030422 - Research Scientist CN Beijing Beijing College Grad
JR0026164 - Senior Server System Integration Architect CN Shanghai Shanghai
JR0026951 - Sr. Tech Leader- Packet Processing CN Shanghai Shanghai PRC, Beijing;
JR0026171 - Media and Graphics Architect CN Shanghai Shanghai
JR0022917 - MIT AMHIS Technician CN Dalian Liaoning
JR0030566 - Research Scientist Automated Driving (f/m) DE Munich Intel Contract Employee
JR0013713 - Functional Safety Architect (m/f) DE Munich Germany, Karlsruhe; Experienced Hire
JR0030506 - Functional Safety Architect (f or m) DE Munich Germany, Karlsruhe; Experienced Hire
JR0030438 - Ultra-Pure Water (UPW) Analytical Technician IE Leixlip Experienced Hire
JR0031043 - AMHS - Automation Equipment Technician IL Qiryat Gat College Grad
JR0809071 - Security Researcher- Software Group IL Multiple Cities Israel, Haifa; Experienced Hire
JR0000251 - security researcher IL Jerusalem
JR0030931 - Software Graphics Architect IN Hyderabad Experienced Hire
JR0014002 - Software Architect SG Singapore Central Singapore
JR0032586 - Strategic Planning Director for Networking Software - RSD US Hillsboro OR California, Santa Clara; Experienced Hire
JR0029467 - Data Scientist/Deep Learning Engineer US San Diego CA
JR0032498 - Technical Support Engineer US Santa Clara CA US, Oregon, Hillsboro; US, California, San Diego;
JR0032301 - Mask Designer US Folsom CA College Grad
JR0029123 - Security Research Scientist US Hillsboro OR College Grad
JR0031070 - Security Research Scientist US Hillsboro OR College Grad
JR0031234 - F11x AMHS AET US Albuquerque NM College Grad
JR0031876 - UI/UX Designer US Santa Clara CA
JR0031883 - 5G PHY Researcher US Santa Clara CA Oregon, Hillsboro; Experienced Hire
JR0031872 - Senior 3D Generalist US Santa Clara CA
JR0031286 - Data Center Connectivity Lead Architect - RSD US Santa Clara CA Experienced Hire
JR0023906 - Cloud Server System Architect - RSD US Hudson MA Oregon, Hillsboro; Experienced Hire
JR0025129 - Data Scientist US Santa Clara CA US, California, San Diego;
JR0029116 - Failure Analysis Technician US Hillsboro OR College Grad
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