Careers in Engineering Management

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Job Title Country City State Multiple Locations Job Type
JR0025408 - Global RX Circuit Design Lead (f/m) AT Linz Experienced Hire
JR0003033 - PYA(Product Yield Assurance) Manager CN Dalian Liaoning Experienced Hire
JR0014838 - Manufacturing Shift Engineer Manager CN Dalian Liaoning
JR0014839 - Manufacturing Engineer Shift Manager CN Dalian Liaoning
JR0022790 - Autonomous Driving Technology Officer (f/m) DE Munich Experienced Hire
JR0027971 - Software Program Manager IE Dublin Experienced Hire
JR0024260 - Technical Software Manager Deep Learning Team IE Dublin Experienced Hire
JR0007955 - Director, SW Engineering IE Leixlip Experienced Hire
JR0024181 - Product Validation team leader IL Jerusalem Israel, Petah-Tikva; Experienced Hire
JR0016438 - Camera Algorithm group manager IL Multiple Cities Experienced Hire
JR0014967 - RealSense Camera image quality team leader IL Haifa Experienced Hire
JR0012201 - Firmware Team Leader IL Haifa Experienced Hire
JR0016840 - Engineering Manager IN Bangalore KA Experienced Hire
JR0012928 - Data Center And HPC Engineering Manager IN Bangalore KA Experienced Hire
JR0009563 - Senior Engineering Manager – Physical Design IN Bangalore KA Experienced Hire
JR0014382 - Engineering Manager - Structural Design IN Bangalore KA Experienced Hire
JR0026096 - Senior IP Design Manager MY Penang PNG Experienced Hire
R10009580 - VP-Design Engineering MY Penang PNG Conversion
JR0017659 - Applications Engineering Manager PL Gdansk Experienced Hire
JR0002014 - Firmware Engineering Manager PL Gdansk MZ
JR0017157 - UEFI FW Development Manager PL Gdansk
JR0022944 - Application Engineering Manager RO Timisoara Experienced Hire
JR0011686 - Engineering Manager – Digital Design SG Singapore Central Singapore
JR0011687 - Engineering Manager - Pre-Silicon Verification SG Singapore Central Singapore
JR0028043 - Sr. Modem Hardware Design Engineer - Lead US San Diego CA
JR0013822 - Artificial Intelligence Strategy Planner US Hillsboro OR California, Santa Clara; Experienced Hire
JR0027344 - Engineering TD Manager US Hillsboro OR Experienced Hire
JR0012258 - Director of Product Management, RealSense Group US Santa Clara CA Experienced Hire
JR0024403 - Director, RSD Product Management US Hillsboro OR Experienced Hire
JR0026278 - Layout Manager US San Jose CA Experienced Hire
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