Careers in Engineering

Careers in Engineering

Your engineering career path at Intel can take many directions, from integrated circuit engineering to hardware manufacturing. And microprocessors are just the beginning.

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"The passion within our environment is something I can breathe in the air, and only in this company have I been able to feel this way." — David, Heredia, Costa Rica - Product Engineer, Technology & Manufacturing Group

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Job Title Country City State Multiple Locations Job Type
JR0014152 - Embedded Software Engineer MY Penang PNG
JR0014117 - AI Systems Engineer US Hillsboro OR
JR0013771 - TIC CAD Engineer US Hillsboro OR
JR0013634 - R&D Process Engineer US Santa Clara CA
JR0013284 - NAND Staff Silicon Validation Engineer US Folsom CA Experienced Hire
JR0811391_Czech Republic - Software Development Engineer CZ College Grad
JR0811391_Germany - Software Development Engineer DE College Grad
JR0001101 - Senior Software Engineer US Hillsboro OR Experienced Hire
JR0001694 - IMO-RA Module/Yield Engineer US Hillsboro OR
JR0811391_Romania - Software Development Engineer RO College Grad
JR0811391_United Kingdom - Software Development Engineer UK College Grad
JR0811391_Russia - Software Development Engineer RU College Grad
JR0012141 - System Validation Engineer SG Singapore Central Singapore
JR0012137 - Firmware Engineer SG Singapore Central Singapore
JR0011680 - Staff Engineer Design For Test SG Singapore Central Singapore
JR0011079 - Design Enablement Engineer US Austin TX US, Illinois, Chicago;
JR0009842 - Package Design Engineer US Phoenix AZ Oregon, Hillsboro; California, Santa Clara; California, Folsom; Experienced Hire
JR0011001 - Firmware Validation Engineer US Folsom CA
JR0010990 - Firmware Engineer US Folsom CA
JR0813721 - PTD Module and Integration Device Yield Engineer US Hillsboro OR College Grad
JR0010913 - Validation System Debug Lead MY Penang PNG
JR0010574 - Validation Systems Debug Leader MY Penang PNG
JR0010587 - Post Silicon Experienced Validation Engineer MY Penang PNG
JR0010579 - Manufacturing Chief Engineer MY Penang PNG
JR0004941 - High Performance Computing- Software Developer IL Tel Aviv Experienced Hire
JR0001681 - Interconnect Integration Development Engineer US Hillsboro OR
JR0010132 - Logic, Mixed Signal, and I/O Design Engineers US Folsom CA US, Massachusetts, Multiple Cities;
JR0009958 - Software Engineer CN Shanghai Shanghai
JR0009333 - PTD Waste System Engineer US Hillsboro OR Experienced Hire
JR0009543 - Software Engineer US Santa Clara CA US, California, Folsom;
Showing jobs 751 - 780 of 803 Previous <12...1718192021222324252627> Next

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